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portamanguera mural 15 Roll-up Gardena


The Gardena Comfort Wand-Schlauchbox 15 roll-up automatic makes pour especially easily and comfortably. The winding takes over the schlauchbox for you. The practical schlauchbox is mounted on the wall and can be rotated by 180°. The hose can be easily and with little effort and pulled out at short intervals of up to 50 cm can be locked. The quality hose with 13 mm (1/2'') hose diameter provides for high water flow and optimum sprinkler operation. By briefly pull on the hose releases the lock and the hose, thanks to a roll-up automatic comfortably without bending or cranking wrapped. The hands remain clean. A built-in steel spring, which fits perfectly to the hose length is adjusted, provides for a uniform, powerful retreat. The integrated hose guide prevents the bend or Knotting of the hose. After use of the schlauchbox the connection hose on the drip stop to be plugged to the outflow of water from the hose to prevent. Another plus: on the wall bracket can be syringes, showers and washing brush keep. In winter take the box easily on the ergonomically shaped handle from the wall bracket and saves you frost-proof. The Schlauchbox is already completely equipped with a 15-meter-long quality hose, a 2-meter-long connection hose, with a variable adjustable syringe (No. 8114) and all the original GARDENA system parts: three cock pieces (No. 900, 901, 902), a piece of hose (no.915) and a water stop (No. 913). The mounting is with the help of the provided wall bracket and screws and dowels easy. So comfortable can be pour - let the Comfort Wand-Schlauchbox 15 roll-up automatic help.This text is machine translated.

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