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Opiniones testo 550 Set Digital Gauge

The brand-new testo 550 has been especially designed for refrigeration systems and heat pumps. The compact 2-way valve steel block comes with 3 connectors and 3 hose clips, speeding up work. The Bluetooth-enabled device also comes with an app for efficient system checks and data logging. A wireless connection enables data transfer to a smartphone or a mobile device which makes working much more comfy. Moreover, the devcie also lets you set and run test routines on-site. The app also enables keeping track and upodating coolant specs during system maintenance. The testo 500 features a shock-proof heavy-duty enclosure. A vacuum gauge displays the achieved levels during de-airing. All this makes the testo 550 the perfect tool for system start-up, mainenance and repair. Additional features, such as auto-switching to heat pump mode, and temperature-specific seal testing make repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems as straightforward as it gets.

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